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Generic Omnigen Viagra

by Lynn Demarest in Miscellaneous

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Truth about cialis If you’re still buying bottled salad dressing, truth about cialis stop. Truth about cialis You’re wasting money and, truth about cialis unless you buy the expensive stuff, truth about cialis eating a lot of junk you’d be better off without.

Truth about cialis Instead, truth about cialis make this:

Truth about cialis Honey Mustard Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Truth about cialis Ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 3-4 shakes Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/8-1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • 2 pinches kosher salt
  • several grinds of fresh black pepper
  • crumbled blue cheese (2-4 oz)
  • 3/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, truth about cialis minced and smashed into a paste
  • 1-2 tbsp honey

Truth about cialis There are several ways to put together this dressing. Truth about cialis You can whisk it in a bowl, truth about cialis whiz it up in a food processor, truth about cialis or shake it up in a mustard jar with a little left in it. Truth about cialis The mustard jar technique works well, truth about cialis but you have to make sure to crumble the blue cheese well. Truth about cialis The food processor will pulverize your blue cheese. Truth about cialis If you like crumbles, truth about cialis add the cheese at the end. Truth about cialis Speaking of cheese, truth about cialis get the best you can afford. Truth about cialis Cheap cheese isn’t very satisfying, truth about cialis so you’ll need more of it, truth about cialis making it not as cheap as you thought it was.

Truth about cialis The recipe is not exact because you can alter it depending on your taste. Truth about cialis The trick, truth about cialis of course, truth about cialis is to balance the honey and the vinegar so that neither has center stage. Truth about cialis The fresh garlic gives the dressing a nice zip and is even better the next day, truth about cialis naturally.

Truth about cialis Taste the dressing and add more vinegar or more honey as needed. Truth about cialis It should taste strong, truth about cialis so taste only the tip of a finger. Truth about cialis Unless you care about your health, truth about cialis use more salt than you think you should. Truth about cialis Remember that the root of salad is sal, truth about cialis or salt.

Truth about cialis I usually toss up a big bowl of salad greens from which everyone then makes their plate. Truth about cialis That way, truth about cialis the dressing is better distributed, truth about cialis so I use less of it. Truth about cialis I usually grate a little cheese in during the toss, truth about cialis as well as croutons.

Truth about cialis To make it a meal, truth about cialis fry up a pound of thick-sliced peppery bacon and sprinkle it in.

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Cheap Generic Viagra

by Lynn Demarest in Mostly True Stories

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Pfizer viagra canada If I’m reading a book about ASP.NET programming, pfizer viagra canada I don’t really care if the author whose name is on the cover actually wrote the book. Pfizer viagra canada I’m reading to learn a skill, pfizer viagra canada and as long as that requirement is satisfied, pfizer viagra canada I’m satisfied.

Pfizer viagra canada Novels are different. Pfizer viagra canada Novels are personal. Pfizer viagra canada When I read a novel, pfizer viagra canada I engage in a relationship with the writer and his thoughts, pfizer viagra canada his imagination, pfizer viagra canada his soul. Pfizer viagra canada If I discover later that the novel was not, pfizer viagra canada in fact, pfizer viagra canada written by the author with whom I think I’ve just spent a week, pfizer viagra canada I feel cheated, pfizer viagra canada lied to, pfizer viagra canada swindled.

Pfizer viagra canada Publishers argue that readers don’t care whether the novels they read were actually written by the author on the cover. Pfizer viagra canada As long as it’s a good read, pfizer viagra canada they say, pfizer viagra canada the readers are satisfied and are getting what they paid for.

Pfizer viagra canada That may be true for some readers — perhaps ones who remember reading the series of Nancy Drew mysteries, pfizer viagra canada which were written by various writers — but I doubt it’s true for the majority. Pfizer viagra canada Even if most readers don’t care who wrote a novel, pfizer viagra canada a significant number do, pfizer viagra canada otherwise publishers wouldn’t keep ghostwriters anonymous, pfizer viagra canada they’d market them like they market authors.

Pfizer viagra canada The problem with not knowing which novels are ghostwritten is that it casts doubt on all novels. Pfizer viagra canada I can’t imagine discovering that “The Green Mile” was not written by King, pfizer viagra canada or that “For Whom the Bell Tolls” was just some graduate student mimicking Papa.

Pfizer viagra canada I can see how the temptation for already popular novelists is great. Pfizer viagra canada The publishers want them to produce, pfizer viagra canada produce, pfizer viagra canada produce, pfizer viagra canada especially while they’re hot. Pfizer viagra canada But what if the writer’s muse can’t keep up with the demand? In that case, pfizer viagra canada it is strongly suggested that the novelist enter the ghostwriting game. Pfizer viagra canada They will be handsomely rewarded, pfizer viagra canada and they will have to do very little work of their own.

Pfizer viagra canada However difficult it is to turn down easy money, pfizer viagra canada I expect the novelists I love to have more integrity than that. Pfizer viagra canada I expect them to understand the nature of my relationship with them, pfizer viagra canada and to respect that relationship as sacred, pfizer viagra canada not something to be leveraged.

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Mexico Viagra

by Lynn Demarest in Mostly True Stories

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Harry Crews teaching class.

Harry Crews teaching class.

Viagra india When I was a student at the University of Florida, viagra india during the fabled Nixon Administration of the mid-seventies, viagra india I took a creative writing class taught by Harry Crews. Viagra india It was an odd job for Harry, viagra india a novelist who wrote in his lauded autobiography that he himself had gone to college (on the GI Bill, viagra india after being a Marine in Korea) not to be taught how to write, viagra india a skill he thought ill-suited to the classroom setting, viagra india but to buy time to teach himself how to write. Viagra india You can imagine what it’s like being taught by a teacher who doesn’t believe he’s teaching something that can be taught. Viagra india I think if Harry had been teaching us how to swim, viagra india he would have thrown us in the deep end and yelled, viagra india “Flap your arms!”

Viagra india Too meek and incurious to give him what he was looking for, viagra india I submitted to poor Harry immature short stories that had nothing real to say about anything. Viagra india The stories read well, viagra india because fate had handed me the ability to string words together into pretty sentences. Viagra india But taken as a whole they were cowardly and incredible, viagra india as empty as an abandoned warehouse. Viagra india A testament to the weakness of those first test flights, viagra india I remember none of them, viagra india not even a little bit.

Viagra india I remember Harry, viagra india though. Viagra india He had a weathered, viagra india scowling, viagra india Charles Bronson face. Viagra india As a dirt-poor child of the Great Depression, viagra india he’d fallen into a vat of boiling water meant for a hog, viagra india but his rough-hewn features were more likely the result of hard living accented by frequent bar fights. Viagra india Intolerant to boredom, viagra india he advised us, viagra india “If your life bores you, viagra india risk it.” He wore the same baggy jeans and baggy shirt to every class. Viagra india Despite his unquestionable talent, viagra india he’d not become (and would never become) a super-famous writer whose formulaic books became lucrative blockbusters. Viagra india He wrote about things that he needed to write about, viagra india not about things that would make money. Viagra india (His most successful book at the time he was my teacher was about a guy who ate a car bit by bit. Viagra india Harry had loved and, viagra india later, viagra india hated cars.)

Viagra india As an eighteen-year-old kid, viagra india I was awed by Harry. Viagra india I was also unaware of his doubts that writing was something that could be taught. Viagra india (He’d not yet written his autobiography.) On the contrary, viagra india I expected he might be able to teach me how to write in one semester.

Viagra india The truth was that he didn’t have much to say, viagra india maybe because he was so sure it was impossible to teach writing, viagra india especially to wide-eyed undergrads, viagra india most of whom hadn’t been in a single fistfight in their whole life. Viagra india Harry’s Gospel had but one commandment, viagra india and he preached it to me and to the rest of the class over and over and over until I thought I would weep with despair.

Viagra india “Tell the truth. Viagra india Be honest, viagra india” he would say. Viagra india “If you don’t, viagra india your readers will smell it. Viagra india They’re not stupid.”

Viagra india (In the interest of truth, viagra india intelligent reader, viagra india let me disclose that this was so long ago that I have no idea what Harry’s exact words were. Viagra india The essence of it, viagra india though, viagra india was “cut the bullshit.”)

Viagra india On the strength of my musical sentences, viagra india I managed a C in Harry’s class. Viagra india I don’t think I ever satisfied his demand for truth, viagra india but I think he maybe saw something in me and didn’t want to crush it entirely. Viagra india Or maybe C was the lowest grade he gave anyone because he didn’t want to be responsible for crashing someone’s GPA, viagra india not for failing a subject that can’t be taught. Viagra india Or maybe I gave him some false hope I was not entirely hopeless when, viagra india in desperation, viagra india I wrote a story not from my paltry imagination, viagra india but from an event that had actually happened.

Viagra india Now, viagra india more than a quarter-century later — now that I’m finally feeling courageous enough to write truthful fiction freely — Harry Crews and his Gospel of Truth comes to mind. Viagra india I don’t think he’s reading me anymore, viagra india but on the off chance that he is I hope he’ll give me an A this time.

Viagra india  

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