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If you have a Dell PC, you might see a gray rectangle appear on your desktop, tucked up in the upper left corner. The only way you know how to get rid of it is to reboot, which is annoying. The culprit is the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager. To kill it, open the "notification area" over near the date and time on the bottom right. Adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $212.00 [caption id="attachment_669" align="alignright" width="263"] the windows 7 notification area[/caption] the icon is not in the notification area shown here on the right adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $212.00, but you can find it by [adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $212.00] mousing over the icons; one of them will say "dell backup and recovery manager. adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $212.00 " Click on it and select close to kill the backup manager and viola! the gray box goes away, too.      

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