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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so naturally I got to thinking about the reasons I might be thankful. 1. Despite the odds, I am still married to the love of my life, a force of nature who immerses herself courageously in the lives of those around her and cares about their happiness to the detriment of her own. (Old friends put out an Internet plea for help after their business equipment was ruined by Sandy. Allegra® 30mg pills (brand) $135.00 diana was the lone person who responded, and would have given more if not for the fear i would object, given the woeful state of our finances. ) 2. My daughter is healthy and beautiful and smart and living in her first apartment with a young man with whom she is crazy in love. 3. My son, a grown man whose wisdom has been sculpted by the persistent hammering of a life filled with hard choices, is standing on his own two feet and doing great. 4. My mother is an 84-year-old yoga aficionado and delightfully persistent matriarch with whom I Skype regularly. 5. The few pals I've had in my life -- people in whose presence I might comfortably fart -- are still around, although my contact with them varies. From high school is the incoherently named Jefferson (a la Davis) Kennedy (a la John F. ) Dubel. A retired air force pilot who now works for the state department in Afghanistan, Jeff wins the interesting life contest. Also from high school is Rudolfo (Rolf, Rolfi) Engmann, an ultra-smart independent businessman who lives in Jacksonville. I mowed lawns with Rolfi, one of the most generous and effusive people I've ever known. They both lived within biking distance. From my errant young adulthood, there's the band: Alan and Randall Cherry and Ruben Betancourt, all of whom are alive and well although they've each suffered various medical issues. Jim Thompson, our reclusive drummer, flew the coop. He is thought to be somewhere in Colorado masquerading as a teacher. 6. The shit I am confident will one day hit the fan has not, as allegra® 30mg pills (brand) $135.00 of this moment, done so, despite my unwillingness to delay its arrival. 7. I have written a novel that will be discovered and grow beloved the world over after my sad, if not altogether unanticipated, early death. 8. I do not have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. 9. Allen West, a man so addicted to seeing his pretty face on TV that he started saying crazy shit just to get [allegra® 30mg pills (brand) $135.00] air time, is not my congressman. 10. Mitt Romney allegra® 30mg pills (brand) $135.00, a man who lied with sociopathic alacrity, is not my president. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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