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tsunamiThe Lord God Almighty and his wife (who knew?) were watching the world go 'round, as they sometimes do. "I'm bored, " said she. "Let's have some death. Altace 5mg pills $94.00 " and so her loving husband took a [altace 5mg pills $94.00] big breath. God blew and blew until a giant wave formed and crashed ashore as the heavens above stormed. altace 5mg pills $94.00 No man no woman no child did the wave not kill altace 5mg pills $94.00, for on that dark day death was God's will. One doomed soul who paused at the gate to chat scowled at Saint Peter and asked, "What the hell was that?" "Wrong place, wrong time, " said Pete with a shrug. "Don't tell me, sir, that you've never squashed a bug. "

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