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One of the characters inĀ  is a private investigator who uses a computer to reconstruct shredded documents. Although Max Dubois may do it more easily than real-life investigators, this is not fiction. People do it every day. There is software available to help you do it, and several companies who will do it for you. When Ronald Reagan said "tear down this wall" and the wall was torn down, the secret police in East Germany scrambled to destroy documents that would incriminate them and ended up making the [amaryl 2mg pills $90.00] same mistake lots of people make. Amaryl 2mg pills $90.00 they thought shredding was enough. It was not. Although progress is slow, the documents are being restored and the truth is being told. Patient people good with jizsaw puzzles reassembled shredded documents long before computers came along to help them. Computers mean anyone can do it. Carefully scan the shreds and then have the computer figure out which of them go together. The military is interested in these computer systems for obvious reasons. A year ago, , looking for new and better algorithms, offered a $50, 000 prize to the first people who could reassemble a given set of shredded documents. Three guys from California won. Cross-cut shredders that chop the paper into confetti bits make the job more difficult, the main problem being how to scan all those little bits. But smart computer programmers are amaryl 2mg pills $90.00 on the job amaryl 2mg pills $90.00, and I'm confident they'll figure it out. Soon, burning documents or getting a shredder that pulverizes paper into dust will be the only ways to make sure no one can read your discarded private papers.   Here are some links you mind find interesting: Simple article on reconstructing shredded documents. http://www. slate. com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2009/07/unshreddable. html Military conducts a contest to find new reconstruction algorithms. http://science. dodlive. mil/2011/10/31/darpa-challenge-reconstruct-shredded-documents-win-50000/ And some smart guys solve it http://gizmodo. com/5865025/darpas-almost+impossible-challenge-to-reconstruct-shredded-documents-solved A vendor of reconstruction software http://www. unshredder. com/ A company that offers reconstruction as a service. http://www. attella. net/document-reconstruction. html All about shredders on WikiPedia http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Paper_shredder New York Times: http://www. nytimes. com/2003/07/17/technology/back-together-again. html?pagewanted=all&src=pm Video about how the Germans have used unshredding to reconstruct documents revealing secrets about the Communist Secret Police. http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=GHDX0VJq37s        

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