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One of the secondary characters in a Catholic priest named Father James O'Toole, sexually abuses choirboys placed in his care. I made Jim a priest because of my general disdain for the Holy See, but the truth is that pedophilia is today blithely practiced the world over by more than just Catholic clergy. (The novel's good father, realizing that Jesus has forgiven plenty of pedophiles over the centuries, correctly guesses his savior will have little trouble absolving him. ) Several theocratic nations who generally subjugate females currently sanction the marriage of young girls, often in arranged couplings that smack of a slave transaction. Saudi Arabia allows girls of any age to marry amaryl 3mg pills $99.00, or, more precisely, to be married off. As a result, girls as young as ten are routinely wed, mostly to older men wealthy enough to bestow gifts on the girl's family. America is not immune. Jerry Lee Lewis fans will be aware that several states, including the cosmopolitan New York, allow 14-year-old girls to marry with the consent of their parents, which may be obtained via methods not so different from those used in Saudi Arabia. (One assumes the happy couple doesn't have to wait four years to consummate the union. ) Having said all that, the buggering of boys by priests is somehow more egregious. Religious leaders, who after all are experts in sin, are expected to have a stronger grip on their moral rudders than [amaryl 3mg pills $99.00] the rest of us. Of course this expectation is foolish. Priests are just men, after all, as Father Jim notes. As such, they sin with a predictable frequency mirroring the heathen public in general. Although most of the victims of pedophile priests are between 11 and 14, the youngest was three years old. (The mind boggles. ) The Vatican in 2010 said it had investigated allegations involving 3, 000 priests, some regarding events fifty years old, some so old the accused priest escaped punishment by dying before the long arm of the law reached them. An independent report in 2004 counted 10, 667 accusations against 4, 492 catholic clergy in the U. S. About eighty percent of the victims were male. Half were between 11 and 14. The rest were evenly split between kids younger than 10 and kids between 15 and 17.   A quarter involved oral sex, another quarter penile penetration, not always successful. I guess the rest was mere diddling. Precious few priests have gone to prison. Most often they're simply defrocked or, like Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, who covered up the abuse for decades, reassigned. Still, the church has not gone unscathed. Eight dioceses filed for bankruptcy because of millions paid out in civil actions. Estimates are that the scandal has cost the church upwards of $3 billion. The U. S. government was slow to deal with the ancient taboo, but the advent of the women's movement in the 1960s helped bring the issue into the open. About one in four women are victims of pedophilia. For men the ratio is one in ten. By 1968, forty-four states required doctors to report cases of probable abuse, but the federal government was silent on the unspeakable issue until six years later, when it passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. The act was credited with increasing the number of cases reported, but it wasn't until 1986 -- more than a decade later -- that the Child Abuse Victims' Rights Act amaryl 3mg pills $99.00 gave abused children got the right to sue for civil damages. Progress on the church's part is slow. Amaryl 3mg pills $99.00 last november, a man put in charge of the church's pedophilia investigation in devon, england, was himself arrested and jailed when investigators found child pornography on his computer. It doesn't appear that the Catholic Church culture is changing. Father Benedict Groeschel, a trained psychologist who counsels pedophile priests, recently suggested that the abused boys sometimes are the seducers. The comment was quickly retracted, but the church's true attitude had been revealed. Last May, Father Riccardo Seppia, a man close to the pope, was arrested on pedophilia and drug charges in a drug and sex ring investigation. Police obtained a recorded cellphone conversation in which the 51-year old priest reportedly was specific about his desires. “I do not want 16-​year-​old boys, but younger, " Seppia reportedly said. "Fourteen-​year-​olds are O. K. Look for needy boys who have family issues. ” It is left to the reader's imagination what "family issues" might mean. 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