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The swimming pool pump was getting hot and not pulling enough water. The pump cardizem 60mg pills $218.00 trap window near the pump was filling only about halfway. [cardizem 60mg pills $218.00] [caption id="attachment_546" align="alignright" width="300"] Turning the filter upside down will extend its life. [/caption] I assumed there was a clog between the skimmer and the pump cardizem 60mg pills $218.00, but the pool store guy suggested running the system without the cartridge filter. Cartridge filters clog over time and need to be replaced. Cardizem 60mg pills $218.00 if the system runs fine without a filter, that's an indication that the filter is clogged. I did what he said and, sure enough, the pump trap window filled right up with water. Not wanting to spend $100 on a new cartridge, I cleaned it and then had a bright idea: What would happen if I turned the filter upside down? The bottom of the filter seemed to be where most of the action takes place; the intake is halfway up the vertical cartridge container and the exit, of course, is at the bottom. Guess what? It worked. The water flow is perfect again and I didn't have to spend a hundred bucks. Now, I guess that I'll need a filter in a few months, but for the time being this seems to have worked well. And I got a punch in my Man Card.  

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