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Removing an ingrown Brazilian Pepper tree from the pool pipes. There are certain [clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00] people in this world who shouldn't be allowed to do certain things. Very few should be allowed to raise children, obviously,   given the general quality of the adults most of them create. Likewise, some people — myself among them — shouldn't be allowed to own a house. If you think buying a boat is flushing money down the toilet, try owning a house. And if, like me, you mix in a healthy dose of laziness-fueled procrastination, well, let's just say it's a pay-me-now-or-pay-me-a-lot-later kind of situation. My time to pay came a couple days ago when my wife noticed that the water level in the pool was very low, despite the rainfall we'd had. I went to look at the pump and, after some poking around, eventually discovered that one of the clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 PVC pipes had cracked open like an egg. What had made the pipe crack was a juvenile Brazilian Pepper tree that I'd stupidly let grow in a gap between the thicket of wrist-sized plastic pool pipes. I'd thought of removing the thing several times, as procrastinators do, but before I got around to it it had grown so large that the best I could do, because of  my laziness clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00, was to snip off the branches. That slowed the prodigious plant down a little, but a procrastinator is no match for a persistent Brazilian Pepper, which,   like a tree that is also a weed, outgrows all competitors. So the tree continued to get bigger and bigger and I continued to ignore it until one day the inevitable happened. My wife called the pool repair guy about the pipe. He came out to look at it on Friday. "I'll need a part, " he said, "so I won't be able to get to it until Monday. In the meantime, remove that tree. " As it had so many times in the past, push had again come to shove. Procrastination was no longer an option. Thanks to the Baby Jesus, cousin Norman Johnson was visiting for a couple days from Pawcatuck, Connecticut. New Englander that he is, he started immediately to dig the thing out. I'd poked at it with a tree saw and a hand drill, but Norman knew if we didn't dig it out we had no chance of removing it. Of course he was right. The root ball, a tight knot of hard wood, had grown halfway around one of the pipes. Clomipramine 75mg pills $161.00 from it extended four inch-thick roots heading west, south, east, and straight down. (I don't know why there wasn't a root heading north. It would have been the easiest one to remove. ) Norman and I sawed and pried and sawed and dug and pried and finally we pulled the stubborn thing free from between the pipes. There's another Brazilian Pepper growing on the other side of the house, next to the septic clean-out valve. I've been meaning to cut it down for months. I just went to check on it. It's not nearly as big a problem as the one we just dug out. I guess I'll take a look at it tomorrow. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Brazilian_pepper    

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