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When creating user controls, we sometimes need to notify the user of the control (usually a page or another user control) of something that happened in the control. Imagine a web page containing a gridview of Employer data and, beneath it, a user control containing a formview we use to edit a single Employer. When we select a row in the gridview, we use the SelectedIndexChanged event of the gridview to pass the ID of the selected Employer to the user control coreg 3.125mg pills $96.00, which displays the Employer record in its formview. We discover, however, that when we update the formview the database is updated, but the gridview still displays the old data, which is misleading to the user. Wouldn't it be cool if we could put an OnChange command in our user control that works just like the built-in controls do? So we could set up our user control like this:

<PP:EditEmployer runat="server" ID="EditEmployer1" OnEmployerUpdated="EditEmployer1_EmployerUpdated" />
When we update the data in the EditEmployer user control, the control raises an EmployerUpdated event to notify the page containing the gridview that the data has changed. The EditEmployer1_EmployerUpdated subroutine will be called to handle the event. Here's how I do it. 1. If you're going to pass some data back with the event -- in our case the ID of the record just saved -- you'll need to create a little class to hold it. Place the event arguments class in the user control with the formview, after the close of the control class. . .
End Class ' This is the end of the code-behind in the user control class 
    Public Class EmployerUpdatedEventArgs
             Inherits EventArgs
    Public Property EmployerID As Integer
End Class
2. Declare the event handler in the user control code. I like to do this above the properties.
Public Event EmployerUpdated As EventHandler

Public Property EmployerID As String . . .  
3. Raise the event when the form is updated. (This is in our EditEmployer user control, the one with the formview. )
Protected Sub FormView1_ItemUpdated(sender As Object,  e As FormViewUpdatedEventArgs) handles FormView1. ItemUpdated
        ' raise an event to notify the caller that the item has been updated

        ' first set up the event arguments   
        Dim arg As EmployerUpdatedEventArgs = New EmployerUpdatedEventArgs()
        arg. EmployerID = EmployerID

        ' fire the event,  passing an instance of the EmployerUpdatedEventArgs class 
        RaiseEvent EmployerUpdated(Me,  arg)
End Sub
4. Catch the event in the page or control that [coreg 3.125mg pills $96.00] uses the user control. (This is the one with the gridview. )
    <!-- declare the event handler dynamically -->
    <PP:EditEmployer runat="server" ID="EditEmployer1" OnEmployerUpdated="EditEmployer1_EmployerUpdated" />

    Protected Sub EditEmployer1_EmployerUpdated(sender As Object,  e As EmployerUpdatedEventArgs)
        Dim id As Integer

        id = e. EmployerID  ' we don't actually use this here. Coreg 3.125mg pills $96.00  but this is coreg 3.125mg pills $96.00 how it is passed.  

        GridView1. DataBind()
    End Sub

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