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I was rolling along one night, tired but making good progress, when one of my DropDownLists refused to fire its OnSelectedIndexChanged event. During the postback coumadin 1mg pills $122.00, Page_Load fired, but the OnSelectedIndexChanged event for the control did not. After some time, I finally realized that the VALUES of the ill-behaving DropDownList were all the empty string ("") because I had forgotten to make the key column of the table supplying the list data an IDENTITY column in SQL Server. So even though the selected INDEX was changing, the [coumadin 1mg pills $122.00] selected VALUE was not. It was always "", because the keys were NULL in SQL Server. My point here is that had Microsoft named the event better -- or fixed it so that it is fired when its name says it will be -- the confusion could have been avoided. Coumadin 1mg pills $122.00 be forewarned: the selected index in a dropdownlist can change all it wants, but unless the underlying value changes coumadin 1mg pills $122.00 the control's selectedindexchanged event will not be fired.  

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