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Especially for those non-Spanish-speaking fans of Junot Diaz, here are some definitions that might help when reading "This is How you Lose Her. "

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars

sucio dirty hijo son ecuatoriana Ecuadorian chinita eyes SLANG Eyes slanted like a Chinese, especially on a latin woman. a Bergeline original ??? a fashionable person pendeja stupid cabronas bitches jamas never she Bartlebys me From Herman Melville's "Bartleby, the Scrivener", who is heard often saying crestor 20mg pills $172.00, "I would prefer not to. " Brugal rum tetas tits tigueres thug smoking dust SLANG "Dust" here is PCP, or angel dust. viejitos oldies guagua bus Trujillo / gavilleros Rafael Truillo was dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930 until he was assassinated in 1961. The gavilleros were the rebel guerillas who fought him. Septentrionales northern a book by a Trappist a Catholic monk Guachimanes watchmen budget Foucaults budget philosophers octoroon a person who is 1/8th black Tu si eres bella, muchacha You are beautiful, girl. the most outrageous perm this side of Dyckman ??? in New York, near Harlem? chupabarrio neighborhood sucker shots of Barcelo A Dominican brand of rum. jeva dame moreno brown chacabana What a Guayabera is called in the Dominican Republic. pongandome mas chivo que un chivo "puffing out my chest" como un pariguayo sin suerte I'm feeling sorry for myself. chocha SLANG female genitalia guineo banana Cave of the Jagua/ Tainos Tainos are indigenous indians of the Carribean. The Jagua is a cave thought by the Tainos to be spiritual. Bendiciones blessings



Otravida, Otravez

(Another life, again) 51 Samana fabrica manufactures chamaco kid 52 este tip this tip 53 villa Juana 55 donkey job sida AIDS 57 dura hard 58 chancletas flops 60 cuarto quarts 61 guiso stew 62 ricos rich boricua 64 viejo old 65 biencomoda novia bride 67 dona donates Jardin Japones Japanese Garden 68 [crestor 20mg pills $172.00] una jeva buena a good dame amorcito sweetie 69 zangano drone 70 maldito corpse bloody corpse cueros leather 71 cochino pig 73 que desgraciada that unfortunate 74 bachata TO crestor 20mg pills $172.00 BE CONTINUED . Crestor 20mg pills $172.00 . .

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