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UPDATE: I learned today that you can sometimes open . DBF files with Excel. If you can do this duprost 0.5mg pills (brand) $237.00, it will be easier than the method described below. Simply open the . DBF file, then save it as a . CSV and import the . CSV into SQL Server.   I received a . DBF file the other day that contained a bunch of data in which I was interested. I don't have DBase anymore (who does?) so I wanted to import the data into MS SQL Server so I could write queries against it.   But how to accomplish such an import? There's no option to import a . DBF file directly. The solution was ODBC. Here's how to do it:

1. Create an ODBC connection to the . DBF file

  1. Find Data Sources (ODBC) in the Control Panel's Administrative Tools.
  2. Select the System DSN tab and click Add
  3. Select Microsoft duprost 0.5mg pills (brand) $237.00 DBase Driver (*. dbf)
  4. Click Finish
  5. Enter a Data Source Name (no spaces)
  6. Un-check Use Current Directory
  7. Click the Select Directory button and navigate to the folder that contains the . DBF file
Your  [duprost 0.5mg pills (brand) $237.00] . DBF file is now ready to be accessed via ODBC.

2. Import the . DBF data into SQL Server

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and create a new database
  2. Right-click the database name, select tasks and import data.
  3. The welcome screen will open. Click Next. Duprost 0.5mg pills (brand) $237.00
  4. select the data source because we're moving data into sql server from . DBF, the . DBF file is our source. Select . Net Framework Data Provider for Odbc
  5. In the Dsn area, enter the DSN (data source name) you just created.
  6. Enter ODBC for the Driver. (The ConnectionString should be created for you. )
  7. Choose the destination SQL Server. (This should already be the database you set in step 2, above. )
  8. You will only be able to select Write a query to specify the data to transfer. Click Next.
  9. Your query is select * from [filename. dbf] where [filename. dbf] is the name of the file the ODBC connection points at. (Do NOT enter the brackets!)
  10. Change the name of the destination table so that it makes sense. It will default to "Query"
  11. Click Finish to execute the data transfer

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