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Many good patriots bemoan the not-so-underhanded sale of their duly elected representatives. They dream about "getting the money out of politics, " but can't imagine how to do such a thing beyond passing easily circumvented laws that are probably unconstitutional, too, given Citizen's United. So here's a suggestion. Lanoxin 250mcg pills $117.00 the problem with money, simply put, is that it can cause politicians to make decisions that are detrimental to their constituents. Take the power to make decisions away from the politician and there's nothing to buy. With nothing to buy, money loses its mojo, and the problem of money in [lanoxin 250mcg pills $117.00] politics is gone. The power can be stripped away simply by giving it back to the people, to whom it rightfully belongs in the first place. To do this, the office seeker declares himself to be a "Direct Democracy" candidate. This means he vows to make no decisions himself but instead will ask his constituents how to vote. Initially, the DD candidates will get press coverage because the idea will be unusual. Later, as DD candidates become popular, voters will look for them. It makes no sense for a voter to vote against a DD candidate, of course, since the candidate is doing nothing the voters aren't telling him to do. Neither is there anything for a voter to learn about a DD candidate, other than the fact that the candidate is one. Furthermore, there is no need for two DD candidates to oppose one another lanoxin 250mcg pills $117.00 because their decision-making processes will by definition be identical: that is, they will make no decisions, but defer all decisions to the voters. Voters will vote on a website or a telephone polling system. Say the DD candidate is on a city commission considering firing the city manager. Rather than making the decision himself, he asks his constituents lanoxin 250mcg pills $117.00, and votes however they say to vote. Now imagine a lobbyist who supports the city manager. (Maybe the city manager has cooperated with the lobbyist's business clients. ) Let's call him Jack. Jack: "Hi, councilman. I hope I can count on your vote against firing the city manager. He's a really good guy, you know. " DD Councilman: "Sorry, Jack. You know I can't do that unless my constituents happen to vote that way. Maybe you can talk to them. There's about 34, 000 of them, though, so you might want to get started right away. " Ideally, the website would be run and controlled by a trusted third party so that the voters would have confidence the DD candidate was not manipulating the vote.  

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