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tsunamiThe Lord God Almighty and his wife (who knew?) were [lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00] watching the world go 'round, as they sometimes do. "I'm bored, " said she. "Let's have some death. " And so her loving husband took a big breath. God blew and blew until a giant wave formed and crashed ashore as the heavens above stormed. Lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 no man no woman no child did the wave not kill, for on that dark day lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00 death was god's will. One doomed soul who paused at the gate to chat scowled at Saint Peter and asked, "What the hell was that?" "Wrong place, wrong time, " said Pete with a shrug. "Don't tell me lanoxin 250mcg pills $140.00, sir, that you've never squashed a bug. "

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