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"The Soul Gene" is now available in paperback. The Amazon. com page won't be up for lasuna 60 tablet bottle $121.00 another week or so, but here's the CreateSpace page from which you can buy the book: https://www. createspace. com/3956605 (or just click on the cover) The kindle e-book is also available here: http://www. amazon. com/The-Soul-Gene-ebook/dp/B008SFRZ34/ Here's the jacket blurb: Geneticist Bailey Foster's improbable discovery bolsters her own [lasuna 60 tablet bottle $121.00] uncertain spirituality and changes the world. Twenty-somethings Bailey Foster and Susan Griffin work as researchers for Bayner Genetics, a medical research lab owned by a non-scientific woman who was given the company by her dying parents. Lasuna 60 tablet bottle $121.00 when the owner's daughter announces she is gay, she tells foster and griffin she wants them to find a cure for lesbianism. Foster bristles -- homosexuality is not an illness -- but Griffin, who is herself gay lasuna 60 tablet bottle $121.00, cheerfully accepts the assignment, knowing all along that she'll use the opportunity not to cure lesbianism but to secretly study her passion: Junk DNA. The merging of Foster's personal search for spirituality with Griffin's scientific findings leads them to a discovery that will change people around the world, no one more than Foster and Griffin themselves.

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