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The jQueryUI works like magic. Apply it to an HTML DIV that contains other DIVs and you can magically drag and drop the inner DIVs to reorder them on the client. Say, for example, you have an image gallery and want to allow the site administrator to reorder the images. Drop the images into the inner DIVs, attach the widget to the outer DIV and you're done. Here's how: 1. Add jQuery files <script type="" ></script> <script type="" ></script> <link rel="" /> 2. Insert startup scripts to make the outer DIV with the ID "sortable" sortable <script> $(function () {

$("#sortable"). sortable();


</script> 3. Create the div with the sortable ID. Put the inner divs inside it. <div id="sortable" > <div style="height:200px;"> <img id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RIL1_Repeater1_ctl00_Image1" ImageID="50" src="http://www. mysite. com/donuts. jpg" style="height:200px;border-width:0px;" /> <input type="hidden" [lipitor 20mg pills $63.00] name="ids" id="ids" value='50' /> </div> <div style="height:200px;"> <img id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RIL1_Repeater1_ctl01_Image1" ImageID="48" src="http://www. mysite. com/BMproduce. jpg" style="height:200px;border-width:0px;" /> <input type="hidden" name="ids" id="ids" value='48' /> </div> . . . and so on </div> <!-- end id=sortable --> The thing to notice here is that, instead of trying to use the widget's fancy UPDATE event to trigger a javascript routine charged with reporting the new image order back to the server, perhaps via AJAX, we lipitor 20mg pills $63.00 instead include in each list element a hidden input field containing the id of the element to be reordered. When a list item gets dragged to a new position, this hidden field gets dragged along with it. Finally, we give all of these hidden fields the same name: ids. When the form is posted back lipitor 20mg pills $63.00, the form field named ids contains the keys in order, like this: ids=23, 43, 54, 67, 65, 87, 67 Given these record keys, of course, you can just create SQL statements to update each record's "SEQ" value. Lipitor 20mg pills $63.00 in other words, set the seq of record 23 to 1, set the seq of record 43 to 2 and so on. Simple!  

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