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So I'm writing this story about a hit man who decides, in light of the soul gene and reincarnation being real, to quit the business and rehab his karma a la Angulimala. And then I think to myself: I am Rocco. No, I haven't killed hundreds like Rocco did, but I haven't been as enlightened as I might have been, either. Luvox 100mg pills $262.00 that's for sure. A late bloomer, I was in my forties before I even began to ask what the hell was going on, before I stopped assuming that luvox 100mg pills $262.00 what was just was. It's taken me another couple decades to realize that any of us could be the least of us. Save for simple luck, we would be the downtrodden we pity and then ignore. I was born into a middle-class American family after the end of the second world war, smack dab in the middle of the Happy Days era. It wasn't perfect, but [luvox 100mg pills $262.00] it wasn't horrible either. There wasn't a lot of money, but I don't remember feeling poor. I remember getting a cool little electric car one Christmas. Looking back, comparing it to the lives of kids today, it feels like freaking Leave It To Beaver. But I could have been born anywhere, been anyone's son. Or daughter. I can't say how it is that I am me. Likewise, you can't say how you happen to be you and not someone else. It's a mystery. The shocking thing is that, if reincarnation is real and we live multiple lives on earth, the chances that we will eventually be dropped into a dismal hell hole is essentially certain. We will be the poor bastard we see on TV, living in some shack he's built from garbage, drinking from one bucket and shitting in the other. Right now, as we speak, one in ten people on the planet don't have access to clean water. They have no choice but to use the dirty water available, and so they get sick. Seven hundred million people live, and die, like this. We could have been any one of them. Think of it. If you're lucky enough to live in America, you're one of only three hundred million. If you are reincarnated, your chances of being one of the seven hundred million without clean water will be greater than twice that. So, there are two things to do. One is to convince yourself that reincarnation absolutely is not real, so lucking out this time is all the luck you'll need. If you can't do that, you'll have to take the other course luvox 100mg pills $262.00, which is to work to fix the problem in this life, so your chances of having to deal with it in the next are reduced. The good thing is, even if you're wrong, even if reincarnation isn't real, you'll still be helping people that could have been you, and that's close enough. http://thewaterproject. org/why-water. php?gclid=CJ3WmoaxzLkCFZRj7AodkHAApg

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