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I vote because it's the last thread of hope left for American democracy, but I harbor no delusions about who runs things, and it's not voters, because there simply aren't enough of us.

There aren't enough voters, of course, because a disillusioned Joe Citizen doesn't bother to vote most of the time. By experience, he has learned that those elected, in order to attract the easy money they need to finance their reelection campaigns, usually do the bidding of the monied elite, not the poor schlubs like him, who don't care enough about them to cast a ballot once every few years.

(The political fat cats don't stop with campaign contributions, of course. Every politician knows that when [methocarbamol 500mg pills $186.00] his term is up his benefactors can be trusted to hand him a cushy low-work-high-pay position somewhere, in order to compensate him for his wise and profitable obsequiousness. )

However hopeless things look, Joe is making them worse. He is cutting his own throat and the throats of his neighbors, because the less people vote, the less important the few who do are. Methocarbamol 500mg pills $186.00 if you're the only eighteen-year-old who votes in your town, your town council isn't going to give two shits about young people. Young people have voluntarily removed themselves from the game. They're inconsequential, to be neither feared nor courted.
You have been lied to, by the way. A single vote does not count except in the exceedingly rare case in which an election is won by a single vote. Only votes in the aggregate are ever reviewed. No one even knows how you voted because it's kept secret so no one will be tempted to coerce you into voting a certain way.

One reason to vote not often highlighted is that it's making yourself be counted methocarbamol 500mg pills $186.00, standing up for your personal demographic, your neighborhood, your race, your sex, your age group. Conversely, not voting is a slap in their face. Politicians pander to large voting blocs, which is why seniors in Florida and pretty much everywhere else get so much attention -- you notice they have universal health care. It's because they're known to vote religiously. Politicians won't pay attention to young people until they see large numbers of them voting. Ditto for poor people. Ditto for Hispanics, blacks, gays, name your own minority.

At least in part, voter suppression is a valued tactic of the monied election financiers because they realize politicians spend a certain amount of money per vote. The more voters there are, the more they have to spend. Mailers, for example, are only sent to people who have shown up to vote in the recent past. So the fewer there are, the cheaper it is.

(By the way, if you've never seen one of those over-sized political post cards in your mailbox, it's because you don't vote. )
So, you want to stick it to methocarbamol 500mg pills $186.00 the man? Vote!

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