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As Bezos bought the Washington Post and the wrecking crew took to tearing down the iconic Herald building on Biscayne Bay, I found myself once again marveling at the downfall of the daily newspaper. They say the Internet did it, but newspapers should have been excited by the ability to publish globally at virtually no cost, using display devices owned and operated by their readers.
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Instead, they freaked out when Craig's List killed their golden goose and started giving away something they'd been selling at ridiculously high prices, something they could do because they enjoyed a monopoly in most areas. The Internet didn't kill them. Their greed killed them. And it's just insane. And sad.

Now, to survive minipress 1mg pills $70.00, newspapers need to turn their websites into interactive information portals readers can use to find the information they want. Bezos may be good for the Post if he turns the ship in this direction, and I'm betting he will.

For example, when I minipress 1mg pills $70.00 log into my local paper's website, I want to be able to see:

1. Recent crimes near me, area statistics
2. Traffic accidents near me, hot spots
3. Home values near me, recent sales, foreclosures
4. Local issues and their backgrounds, flood zones
5. All of my political representatives and how to contact them and how they've voted
6. Upcoming meetings and events I should know about
7. Changes to the law I should know about
8. People in the area I should know
9. Upcoming events

I may be able to do some of this now in some places. I don't know.

As far as I can tell, newspapers still are driven by the print product, which is to say the past. The online product should drive the print product. The print product should keep saying: For more, see our website. Eventually, the print product is going to disappear.

The website should be free for those who don't mind ads, but should offer premium memberships with more control and less privacy intrusion. Free users would agree to be profiled (do they spend more time looking at sports or politics?) and allow their email address to be sold on the open market. (This data is gold. )

As for the "news pages, " they should include what's new. The (regularly updated and corrected) back story should be linked to. A chronology of each event in a running news item should be available.

In short, if they're going to survive, newspapers are going to have to stop treating computers like electronic paper and start treating them like computers.

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