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A primary complaint lodged against books published independently is that they are full of typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors that make reading them a chore. A casual review will show this is often true. Indie authors struggling to build a reader community rarely have the money to pay professional editors, and editing one's own work is excruciating, especially if you don't have the patience to walk away from it for a few months so that it feels like the work of someone else. And patience is often in short supply. The urge to get the work out there is extreme. When there's no one there to say "no, " it's easy to declare a book "good enough" when faced with picking through it for errors a fortieth time. Enabling the lazy (or simply amateurish) indie authors is the fact that disk space is so cheap Amazon doesn't care if your book is pure crap. They'll let you upload it anyway. No skin off their nose. They don't care if their virtual shelves brim with substandard junk; the readers themselves will do the work necessary to find the diamonds in the rough. The system, which couldn't be cheaper, works to some degree. The readers do, slowly phenergan 10mg pills $70.00, find the best of the best, although not without significant pain and suffering, and, inevitably, leaving some diamonds undiscovered. Clearly, all indie books do not suffer from rampant technical deficiencies. The few made bestsellers by readers usually are as clean as anything traditionally published, and sometimes cleaner. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that "real" books are not as error free as one might expect, especially given their price tags. Errors in a traditional book are impossible to fix and so more problematic than errors in a modern book published as a stream of bits or printed on demand. If I find an errors in an indie book, I can tell the author, who invariably makes himself accessible via a website or Amazon itself. Phenergan 10mg pills $70.00 first he'll be embarrassed and apologetic. Then he'll be grateful and, if he's like the indie authors I know, will fix the errors quickly. The e-book and print-on-demand world of the indie author makes such changes easy, even if the Amazon process to actually update the product takes a day or two. Sending errors to the authors of traditionally published books likely won't matter. In that light, I will list in this post examples of typos and other errors phenergan 10mg pills $70.00 I find in books printed by traditional publishers.   1. The Heart of the Matter, Graham Greene, Penquin Great Books of the 20th Century Page 40: "He would never have attempted to bride an Englishman . . . " Of course they meant "bribe, " which this google link [phenergan 10mg pills $70.00] shows: http://books. google. com/books?id=A8XE0Xt6jwMC&pg=PA51&lpg=PA51&dq=%22He+would+never+have+attempted+to+bribe+an+Englishman%22&source=bl&ots=pE1GjsRIwd&sig=oFTOo5qlqqfYiDDbvCaajM9BmCM&hl=en#v=onepage&q=%22He%20would%20never%20have%20attempted%20to%20bribe%20an%20Englishman%22&f=false   2. The Casual Vacancy, J. K. Rowling Page 338: It is clear from context that "loving another man's husband" should be "loving another woman's husband" or "loving another man". I can see how this could easily have happened during editing. Looks like an over-reliance on spell-checkers. LINKS: Continuity and other errors in "Harry Potter" series, mostly identified by rabid fans: http://harrypotter. wikia. com/wiki/Mistakes_in_the_Harry_Potter_books

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