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Here's one way to calculate all possible combinations of several lists.  

In this example,  imagine four dropdown lists stored in prandin 2mg pills $135.00 a global array named AllDDLs.  I wanted to get all possible combinations of the four lists,  each of which had a different number of items. 

This turned out to be trivial using LINQ for Objects,  which allows you to perform database-like functions on in-memory data. 

Protected Function OutputSKUs() As List(of String)
        ' the skus to be returned
        Dim skus As List(of String) = new List(of string)
        ' temp variable to hold one sku
        Dim sku As String

        ' create a LINQ object from the four Dropdown Lists in AllDDLs
        Dim query As Object = From a In AllDDLs(0). Items,  b In AllDDLs(1). Items,  c In AllDDLs(2). Items,  d In AllDDLs(3). Items
                      Select a,  b prandin 2mg pills $135.00,  c, [prandin 2mg pills $135.00]  d

        ' then run through the result set 
        For Each item As Object In query
            ' BaseSKU is global 
            ' the LI items in each dropdown list has an attribute named SKUCode,  which represents the data we construct the SKU with
            sku = String. Format("{4}-{0}-{1}-{2}-{3}",  CType(item. a,  ListItem). Attributes("SKUCode"),  CType(item. b,  ListItem). Attributes("SKUCode"),  CType(item. c,  ListItem). Attributes("SKUCode"),  CType(item. d,  ListItem). Attributes("SKUCode"),  BaseSKU)

            skus. Add(sku)

        Return skus
    End Function

In SQL Server this is done in a similar way:

select ogi1. OptionGroupItemSKUCode + '-' + ogi2. OptionGroupItemSKUCode + '-' + ogi3. Prandin 2mg pills $135.00 optiongroupitemskucode+ '-' + ogi4. OptionGroupItemSKUCode
from OptionGroupItem ogi1,  OptionGroupItem ogi2,  OptionGroupItem ogi3,  OptionGroupItem ogi4
where ogi1. OptionGroupID = 1
and ogi2. OptionGroupID = 2
and ogi3. OptionGroupID = 3
and ogi4. OptionGroupID = 4

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