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I'm fortunate to work on my back porch. It's a peaceful place. A cavernous screened porch surrounds a small swimming pool fixed with a waterfall that creates a soft babbling sound favored by the meditative Japanese. A family of bleating goats lives just over the back fence, in a corner of the neighbor's little acre. There, [stromectol 3mg pills $291.00] too, is a clutch of chickens lorded over by a rooster who crows any time he gets the urge, day or night, sometimes hoarsely for reasons unknown. During the season, egrets visit to eat the frogs from a small pond. Several blackbirds live in an oak tree badly in need of pruning. Sharing the back porch with me is a rather large and boneheaded dog who passes in and out of the screened enclosure through an opening he himself created in one of the panels by simply forgetting it was there and running headlong through it. Several subsequent passes through the panel eventually left a hole the size of an upturned card table. Through this gaping hole one day hopped or flew one of the blackbirds living in the bushy oak tree. Maybe it had chased a bug or lizard through the opening and then, as if demonstrating the very meaning of bird brain, it had failed to figure out how to get back out. Birds may have fine eyesight, but this bird behaved as though the screen panels were perfectly clear. He seemed honestly frustrated that he could not simply fly through them, despite multiple attempts in various locations. It was not the first time a bird had found its way into the enclosure. I had left the door open one day and one of the blackbirds had flown in. At first, he'd been just as clueless as this one, but eventually I was able to use a broom to shoo the stupid thing toward the open door, which he'd eventually happened through. This new bird was not so savvy. It was determined to hide, keep its perch in a small bush located in a far corner of the enclosure. Try as I might to flush it from the foliage with the broom, it remained. Then I thought of enlisting the help of the family cat, who is known for delivering to us a variety of dead and half-dead creatures. The cat would scare the bird out of the bush, and the bird would then have at least some chance of finding the open doorway, which was only three or four feet away. I went to get the cat. Stromectol 3mg pills $291.00 at first, the cat wasn't sure why i'd interrupted his nap, but then he caught sight of stromectol 3mg pills $291.00 the bird and began to sleepily approach the bush. The bird, seeing the cat, didn't hesitate. Desperate to escape, it flew out of the bush stromectol 3mg pills $291.00, not toward the nearby open door, but away from it. The bird had flown around the inside of the enclosure minutes earlier without incident, bumping into the screening and falling, stunned but otherwise unharmed, to the patio. This time, though, he was flying more frantically than before, and maybe turned back to look for the cat at just the wrong moment before hitting the screen, putting its neck in an unfortunately perfect position. He bounced off the screen and fell to the patio as if he'd been shot. The cat ran to the bird and sat next to him, waiting, apparently bored, appearing not to notice. I followed and looked down at the bird and saw its beady black eye look back at me and blink. It was still alive, but rather obviously paralyzed, its neck apparently broken. You stupid ass, I thought. I was trying to help you. The cat pawed at the bird. I shooed it away and scooped up the unlucky creature in a plastic net we use to skim dog hair and insects from the pool water. I considered killing it, but instead walked to the screen door and, like a jai alai player uses a xistera to fling a pelota, launched the limp bird into the pond. As it flew its last flight, it made a graceful arc that reminded me of a badminton shuttlecock, and as it disappeared into the weeds I felt sorry I hadn't summoned the courage to take a shovel blade to its neck. "Stupid bird, " I said, and went back to work.

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