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Tadalafil 100mg pills 360 pills $572.00 i was rolling along one night, tired but making good progress, when one of my dropdownlists refused to fire its onselectedindexchanged event. During the postback tadalafil 100mg pills 360 pills $572.00, Page_Load fired, but the OnSelectedIndexChanged event for the control did not. After some time, I finally realized that the VALUES of the ill-behaving DropDownList were all the empty string ("") because I had forgotten to make the key column of the table supplying the list data an IDENTITY column in SQL Server. So even though the selected INDEX was changing, the selected VALUE was not. It was always "", because the tadalafil 100mg pills 360 pills $572.00 keys were NULL [tadalafil 100mg pills 360 pills $572.00] in SQL Server. My point here is that had Microsoft named the event better -- or fixed it so that it is fired when its name says it will be -- the confusion could have been avoided. Be forewarned: The selected index in a DropDownList can change all it wants, but unless the underlying value changes the control's SelectedIndexChanged event will not be fired.  

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