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If I'm reading a book about ASP. NET programming, I don't really care if the author whose name is on the cover actually wrote the book. I'm reading to learn a skill, and as long as that requirement is satisfied, I'm satisfied. Novels are different. Tegretol 200mg pills $143.00 novels are personal. When I read a novel, I engage in a relationship with the writer and his thoughts, his imagination, his soul. If I discover later that the novel was not, in fact, written by the author with whom I think I've just spent a week, I feel cheated, lied to, swindled. Publishers argue that readers don't care whether the novels they read were actually written by the author on the cover. As long as it's a good read, they say, the readers are satisfied and are getting what they paid for. That may be true for some readers -- perhaps ones who remember reading the series of Nancy Drew mysteries, which were written by various writers -- but I doubt it's true for the majority. Even if most readers don't care who wrote a novel, a significant number do, otherwise publishers wouldn't keep ghostwriters anonymous, they'd market them like they market tegretol 200mg pills $143.00 authors. The problem with not knowing which novels are ghostwritten is that it casts doubt on all novels. [tegretol 200mg pills $143.00] I can't imagine discovering that "The Green Mile" was not written by King, or that "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was just some graduate student mimicking Papa. I can see how the temptation for already popular novelists is great. The publishers want them to produce, produce, produce tegretol 200mg pills $143.00, especially while they're hot. But what if the writer's muse can't keep up with the demand? In that case, it is strongly suggested that the novelist enter the ghostwriting game. They will be handsomely rewarded, and they will have to do very little work of their own. However difficult it is to turn down easy money, I expect the novelists I love to have more integrity than that. I expect them to understand the nature of my relationship with them, and to respect that relationship as sacred, not something to be leveraged.

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