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"MFA in a Box" is a beautifully written book not so much about the mechanics as the psychology of fiction writing. The author tentex royal 10 [tentex royal 10 tablet box $214.00] tablet box $214.00, a beloved professor of creative writing in the northwest, argues that the best authors endeavor like Buddhas to dive into awful truths everyday people wanting to maintain their sanity naturally avoid. Rember echoes the advice of my old writing teacher, the deceased Harry Crews, when he implors aspiring novelists to be so honest their mother (and everyone else) despises them -- to trust where the story wants tentex royal 10 tablet box $214.00 to go and go there. (A task easier done, Rember notes, by authors who reject the idea that stories belong to them and accept the idea that they belong to the stories. ) The subtitle of the book is "A Why to Write Book" but I contend that the book is really still a "how to write" book; it is full of advice about how to enter into the forbidden zone where the truth lurks and come back sane enough to keep from blowing your brains out a la Hemingway. One strange thing: Rember rather consistently uses "may be" in place of "maybe. " For me, it was a little distracting and made me wonder if he couldn't have used an editor instead of just a spell checker. A single reading is probably insufficient. Read King's "On Writing" first, but don't neglect this insightful advice from a man who should know.

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