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One day my pool pump starting humming loudly before starting up. Then it started flipping the breaker and not starting at all, except after several resets of the breaker. (This, I later discovered, was a dumb and dangerous thing to do. Breakers flip for a reason. ) I went on the Internet and found that a blown "start capacitor" is the usual reason a pool pump hums without starting.

Turns out the 2 horsepower electric motor that runs the pump has two capacitors, a "run" capacitor riding inside its own little cover on top and a "start" capacitor hidden in the metal cap that is held on by two bolts to the end of the motor.   (The left side of the picture to the right. ) I got a new capacitor and put it in. I started the pump up and the new capacitor blew its top. I called my local electric motor repair shop. They told me I hooked up the capacitor wrong. There are two terminals on the capacitor. You're supposed to hook both yellow wires to one side and the red-white wire to the other. I'd put the yellow wires on opposite terminals and blew it out immediately. The shop closed at noon. It was eleven. I raced downtown to buy a second start capacitor and installed it as instructed. I also installed a new switch the guys at the shop gave me. It was, seemingly, simple to put in. But the motor died again. I worked for hours trying to get the motor free from the pump. I have a Jacuzzi pump, which connects to the motor with a large plastic connecting ring that screws on. I couldn't budge it for the life of me. Zyrtec 5mg pills $53.00 neither could i remove the rusted-out tapcon concrete anchors used to tie the pool pump itself to the slab. I'd found a video on the net that said to use a rubber mallet to remove the ring. I didn't have a rubber mallet, but my wife felt sorry for me and ran out and bought one. Viola! Motor was free. Thinking I'd blown a second start capacitor, somehow, I lugged the motor to the shop. Later that day, they told me the capacitor was fine. I'd screwed [zyrtec 5mg pills $53.00] up installing the freebie switch and a wire had been cut by a nearby rotor. Forty dollars zyrtec 5mg pills $53.00 later, I had a working pump motor and was a little wiser. Now for the final challenge. Like a dope, I'd disconnected the pump motor without taking care to notice how it was connected to the three wires leading into the metal cap on the end. The green grounding wire was easy. It went under the green grounding screw. Then there were two blue wires.   Turns out the pump is 230 volts A/C zyrtec 5mg pills $53.00, so both those wires are "hot" and it doesn't matter which terminal they plug into. The motor will work either way. So I plugged one wire onto L1 and the other on L2 and let it rip. Nothing blew up, the pump started, praise Jesus. As it turned out, I fixed the pump for less than $100 and a few hours of research and trial and error. At least I didn't electrocute myself. The troubles won't end here, however. The guys at the shop told me the bearings in the motor are going to fail soon, and that means either replacing them myself (having the shop do it would cost more than half what a new motor would) or buying a new motor for between two- and three-hundred dollars. Or I could fill the pool with dirt and plant tomatoes.  

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